Governmental Affairs

Governmental Affairs

At Loftus & Loftus PC, our legal services extend beyond the private sector to include a variety of government agencies and organizations. Our detail-oriented, results-driven service appeals to public sector clients, who seek our assistance with a variety of complex matters. We think of ourselves as dedicated public servants — and we are committed to representing your agency conscientiously and ethically.

Legal Legislative Municipal Representation

The bulk of our work in governmental affairs involves municipal representation. Our thorough understanding of administrative and constitutional law allows us to better serve our clients as they draft ordinances and pursue other legislative priorities.

Municipal law is a high-stakes practice area. We understand the importance of our role as legal counsel — and we’re determined to deliver outcomes that benefit not only the public sector workers and agencies we advise, but also the communities served by these essential organizations. Our strategic approach to municipal legislation and other key matters paves the path to more effective public policy.

A trusted authority in governmental law, Loftus & Loftus PC can be a key resource for a variety of local entities. We will help your organization resolve pressing challenges and make the most of promising opportunities. Contact us today for more information.